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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Taking out the Trash...'s been awhile hasn't it? Many of you may have wondered where I went...all I can say is that I have been living life, and sometimes it gets in the way of other things. It can also de-motivate you...which is where I have been the last few months. In a very non-motivational state...going through the motions of everyday life, trying to figure out what I want to do next with this journey.

Usually I would write a long post about my reflections on 2011 and what I look forward to in 2012...but I couldn't even bring myself to do least not yet. I am trying to figure out these days, what actually does motivate me. What things I should be taking time for, and what things I shouldn't waste my time on at all. This blog isn't one of the latter...I am finding that as I figure out what exactly my mojo is, this is the place I want to share it. 

So in New Year's-ish style...let me start off with the fact that I am working on taking out the trash in my life. Lightening the load per-say and striving to get a handle on the things that matter most to me and my family so that I can in turn share that with the world. Leave my mark the way I really want to leave a mark...not just going through the motions. Instead, rather taking the time to put the changes in place that I need to, in order to see results, and reap the rewards that come from them.

I hope that the next year brings you the change that you want to see in yourself and the world around you. As someone close to me just quoted..."You have to want it, it's about taking baby-steps." I am trying my best to learn from previous failures and take those words to heart now, even when they feel more like a low blow than motivation. I do hope that you will join me in my journey, hold me accountable when I don't do what I say I am going to, and share your own trials and tribulations along the way. We all have a story...this is the beginning of my next chapter...let's call it 2012.

My goal for this blog in 2012 is to share something with you every single matter how I feel, no matter what is going on. So check back, & maybe, just maybe, you'll find something that motivates you.