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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Wedding Shoes...

Three generations of brides...and now soon to be four! I was approached at the Strawberry Swing Craft Fair by an Aunt of the Bride-to-Be who had a vision of a meaningful wedding shower gift that she hoped I could bring to fruition. 

Her mother, the bride shown above in the middle, is giving the Bride-to-Be her wedding shoes as a gift. Well, the Aunt thought it would be neat to take a picture of those shoes, and then inset the pictures of the three former generations of Brides. On top is the Bride's Mother, than her Grandmother (who wore the shoes) and lastly her Great-Grandmother. 

I was immediately inspired because I tend to be sentimental that way and this is the end product that I delivered to her this evening. I hope the Bride-to-Be cherishes this just as much as her Aunt did making it. And what a great idea for other heirloom items you don't necessarily want out on display, but can show off in the form of a clever photograph and still be displayed in fashion!