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Thursday, March 3, 2011


I am constantly amazed at the technology that is created in this world. The things that I would have never imagined growing up with, are the things that Sydney won't know what to do without! We are a technological society...always advancing one step further with the next 'best' thing. At times, I find it absolutely amazing and can't get other times I am saddened at how much we have come to rely on some of it, but the reality, is that it isn't going away. So we all have to find a way to embrace it and make it our own. One of the best things I love about technology and its advancements would definitely be MUSIC! It is so nice to go online and download something I just heard, throw it on the iPod and blast it through out our house while Sydney, Matt and I dance around like fools! In addition to that, technology has brought me the Blogosphere...a place that until 3 years ago, I didn't really realize existed. And then of course there is Facebook...where would we be without that. Actually, it took me awhile to join this cult...but once I did, I admit, I haven't thought of even turning back once. It has connected me to past friends and new ones, and I love that I get to share my life with them. (Don't get me wrong...I am bias against those who use it in crazy addictive ways...but that comes with the territory don't you think.) And cell phone. Something I really don't know how I am going to prevent from keeping from Sydney...even in Elementary School, but I have to admit, I can see the ups and downs of it all. One being my ridiculous addiction to BrickBreaker! In the end Technology will never take the place of so many things, but I do believe that it is how you use the technology that makes all the difference.

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meet GREY

This adorable bundle of joy gets to spend his Thursdays with me for the next 8 weeks! I was happy to help out our friends Tara and Travis with their newest addition Grey as they make the transition back to a regular work schedule. Gives me the opportunity to remember what it was like when Syd was this size...oh how time flys by!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Thought I would start out March with a little green...

Matt and I are suckers when it comes to using fresh garlic every chance we get. About a week and a half ago though, I noticed that we hadn't used it up fast enough and it was starting to bud. Having a wild hair, I decided to go ahead and plant a few of them...had no idea what I was doing...and didn't get around to researching it until tonight. Technically, they are growing too close I will have to replant them later this week into a bigger pot...but otherwise, it sounds like a fairly easy plant to grow. Once it is matured, the stems/leaves will turn brown and die...which means it is time to harvest the garlic. It will have to hang upside down and dry out before use...but I am looking forward to the results.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Heinz Kazek

I just found out today that our friend Sven from Germany lost his father Heinz to a heart attack back in January. My heart goes out to their family, I know that their hearts must feel an unexplained emptiness. I took a few moments to look back through the pictures I had from our trip, and the group shot we took with their family one night. This was the shot of the Sven and his father that I cropped from the image. It made me smile and laugh at game of charades we played that night trying to tell them stories of our own families back in the states. It was an evening I will forever cherish. - Heinz, it was a pleasure meeting you...your heart and soul lives on in your family and friends and the legacy you left behind!