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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So Matt and I went to Starbucks with Syd Saturday morning as a treat to ourselves. We are actually really good about making coffee at home and not indulging in the fancy stuff too often anymore. Well, we ordered a milk for Sydney and it came in this pint-sized coffee cup...that I will admit is totally adorable, but slightly sickening to watch your 2.5 year old drink from. Why you ask? Because it makes me immediately imagine her future coffee I swore I would never have...and now, it's a daily endeavor.

Just made me wonder if Starbucks marketing was already thinking of the little ones they could rope in later if they got them started now just using the cups for the non-coffee drinks. Or the more realistic reason could actually be that they don't carry milk in anything but the large gallon jugs...and this is all they have to offer it in!