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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ohhhhh WELL . . .

Matt and I thought we would tear out the small patio that sits at the bottom of our deck today. It it in a rather odd spot that didn't make too much sense, so we figured, lets take it out and seed it with new grass. And when we got it off...we found this.

An 8-10 Foot wide, 30 (ish) Foot deep well. A well that has probably been here since around the time the house was built in 1930. A well that we hope was just for spring water...and not sewage. A well that we now want to turn in to a RAINWATER BASIN to help nourish our flowers and garden for years to come. A piece of history that may still be usable in a very sustainable way! I'm excited, yet overwhelmed. What I thought would be a simple task...isn't as simple as we thought! More details to come as we figure out what and how to deal with it!