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Friday, April 29, 2011


I took Sydney to the Optometrist last Friday because of a 'lazy' eye issue I had noticed awhile back that recently escalated. After several hours and an eye dilation later the doc finally explained what was going on and that she was going to need glasses. I have to admit I was completely bummed! I kind of assumed that with my family genes and Matt's she might end up in them someday...but not right before her 3rd Birthday!  I didn't end up with my specs until I 4th grade, and I know how much of a pain they can I guess I wasn't expecting my 3 year old to be dealing with it that much sooner than I had. But I am grateful that glasses are our only concern! We will have to patch her good eye for a bit to help the other one regain its strength, but all in all it could have been 10x worse and we are so glad it wasn't. So this evening we headed on up to Target and picked out these adorable purplish/pink specs. She wanted something green, but we just couldn't find another pair that fit as well... told her she can get those next time, since this won't be the last pair we end up with over the next umpteen years. Who wants to take bets on how long these last before they are broken or stretched! Thank goodness for warranty's!