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Monday, March 14, 2011



I don't normally review things publicly on my Blog...but this was just too far off not to share. Last year on our trip out to Colorado we came across a pair of PURPLE Simple Doodle Toddler Shoes for Sydney and fell in love with them immediately. I think I took way to many shots of her shoes that trip just cause I thought they were great! So I was overjoyed when my friend Tara mentioned that was having there 20% off one item sale and that these adorable Ebony Colored ones were on sale! I am a sucker for a good deal, and already knowing how much use we got out of Syd's first pair, which she is actually still wearing, I was really excited because after I applied the 20% off coupon and a gift card we still had lying around...I paid all of $14.00 with shipping for her next pair!!! AND I was even more excited to see that they had arrived today...but how do you go from this color that they show online....

TO THIS???!!!!

I mean, that's WAY off! They look more of a dark navy color rather than the light color you see above. I love these shoes, and its not the end of the world by any means but they definitely are not what I thought they would be...especially because it lists them as a girl's color.

So, I just had to share. I highly recommend these shoes if you've got yourself a very active toddler like I do...but just know that this Ebony color shown above is not what you may get!