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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


What you are looking at is my new studio...a space that I have been waiting over 7 years to finally obtain. A space where I can leave the world behind and let my creative juices flow. The best thing about having spaces you love, is that you get to pour that love into them. And this space...this space is mine to do just that.

Matt approached me before the holidays to see if I might be interested in some office furniture that would eventually be disposed of. Well, he knew he didn't even have to ask, and that it was an immediate no brainer on my behalf. But the irony is that together we had the same idea in mind and came to an immediate conclusion - that it would make great initial pieces in a craft/studio area.

I'm a simple girl, with simple needs...I truly don't ask for much, if anything at all - part of my personality from being one of six kids. I was raised to appreciate what I had, even when I didn't understand why I couldn't have what I wanted. And what I realized, is that even though our family struggled to provide all the bells and whistles - I still had more than others I knew, and I grew up to realize that life isn't about money or all the things you own. Its about the relationships you make and the things you do to enrich your life and the lives of those around you. I especially don't like people asking me what I want for Christmas or my Birthday. It makes me uncomfortable, and frankly I rarely know what to tell people. It's not that I don't appreciate the gesture, but I just don't like the feeling and pressure it puts on me. Not to mention, as you get older, its not as much about all the stuff. I'd rather give a gift than receive one any day. The feeling I get from creating something personal goes above and beyond anything.

So I broke the rule...and I asked for something specific for Christmas this year. It was simple, but meaningful to me. I asked my husband to put the furniture together so that I could finally have the space that I envisioned. A space that would be my inspiration and creative outlet.

Now it may not look like much of anything yet...but that is the beauty of having a space that will always be a project in itself. I will continue to share this space as it unfolds and the projects that will spew from it in the future.