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Sunday, February 20, 2011

SPACES - theBEDroom

This space is the main reason I fell in love with our new house. Originally the attic, it was renovated into the Master Suite...complete with walk in closet and Master Bath. For Christmas this year, my gift to Matt was this chaise lounge. I wanted to create a space where he could relax and read, or work on his homework for class. And in the end I get to enjoy it too. Most of the windows on the wall have been around for a couple of years. Every time Matt asked if we could get rid of them, I would reply with a cheerful no, I knew they would find a place at some point. A few of them hung on the walls at the old house, but only when we finally got it cleaned up to sell...and since we moved in to the new house, I was trying to figure out where to put them. My mother-in-law presented the window above with the sticker of the Fireman holding a little girl to me as a Christmas gift this year. It holds meaning to me personally of course being married to a firefighter, with a daughter, and that was that, I knew I had to get them off the floor and up for display. With a little rearranging, I cleared the space along this wall and together we finally put them up yesterday and I love it. Now I have to figure out what I want to do with them...I would like to find some different fabrics/papers/photos to put inside a few...but don't want to do anything until I have a better idea of what decor direction the room will finally go...but at least I can say they are no longer leaning against the wall just taking up space.


Mel G said...

glad to see you have Scentsy up... I LOVED the window with the sticker on it! I remember having that sticker on my window when I was little.