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Monday, February 28, 2011

Heinz Kazek

I just found out today that our friend Sven from Germany lost his father Heinz to a heart attack back in January. My heart goes out to their family, I know that their hearts must feel an unexplained emptiness. I took a few moments to look back through the pictures I had from our trip, and the group shot we took with their family one night. This was the shot of the Sven and his father that I cropped from the image. It made me smile and laugh at game of charades we played that night trying to tell them stories of our own families back in the states. It was an evening I will forever cherish. - Heinz, it was a pleasure meeting you...your heart and soul lives on in your family and friends and the legacy you left behind!


kbreints said...

I am so sorry for yours and your friends loss!