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Thursday, January 6, 2011

YOUcapture - my 10 best pics of 2010

Some of these may look familiar if you follow my blog or have visited during a previous YOUcapture episode...but here are 10 of my was definitely hard to choose. I feel like I actually had quite a few this year because I took the time to get my camera out and be creative more than usual...enjoy!

Clouds following a rainstorm at the new house.

The LongHorn Restaurant near our campsite in Arizona...I love the quirky entrance, but also the sky and that the sun was starting to set.
I love the contrast of Sydney's shoes against the woodgrain on the floors of our old house.

Syd's chunky crayons...just loved the colors and the silly characters.

Sydney riding the Gondola to the top of the Mountain in Keystone. I love how innocent she is...and how intrigues she was as we continued to climb.

Our Wedding Rings hanging from the bottle of wine Matt and I opened on our first Valentine's Day back in 2000. We didn't have a wine opener at the time so we pushed the cork into the bottle spraying red wine all over my kitchen! I remember it too well!

This is a picture of our wedding rings on the tree branch outside our old house. I love this because you can see Sydney just inside the front door. A reminder of the place we started our life together with her.

This picture is now very dear to us. It was taken just a few months before Cody our Yellow Lab had to be put to sleep due to Kidney/Liver failure from ingesting something. He was lounging next to the fire-pit with all of us napping...definitely one of my favorites.

This was a shot I took of a tree in our new backyard. I just loved how it looked against the sky. It is one of those trees that we will probably have to take down sooner rather than later because it might be I am glad I got this pic.
This picture sums up so much for me...the honor and respect that I have for my husband and our friends who he works with on the Fire Dept...but also a reminder of our friend John who passed away this past year in a house fire. I took this picture about a month after the incident. I realized I hadn't taken any pictures of Matt's gear and it was just something that I needed to do. After 11 years on the Fire Dept this helmet was finally retired as they received new ones. It now hangs proudly on the wall in my house.

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Carrie said...

The crayons have such great color and the fireman's hat - very special indeed. Great captures!

Elaine A. said...

All of you photos have such wonderful meaning. I got chills reading about the fire hat and your sweet dog and even the rings. I love your perspective. Excellent captures!!

ToadMama said...

I really like the color and light in your photos. And Cody. Aw. Shots like that are priceless.

Deb said...

Wonderful photos. I really love the one of your dog. He looked so sweet.

MaryAnne said...

Beautiful shots. The sky photos and the helmet are my favorites.

Allie said...

Love the crayons and I have to show my son the helmet, he'll love it!