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Sunday, January 9, 2011


I do know that Christmas is over, and that the New Year has begun...but I slacked a bit at the end of the year so there will be some posts from Christmas that I still haven't had a chance to show you. One of my travel traditions over the years has been to collect a Christmas Ornament when we travel to places we have not been before. Years ago, Matt and I were in Colorado Springs...we took the train ride up Pike's Peak and in the gift shop I found one of these hand painted ornaments specific to the Mountain. That started a trend and ever since I have collected one of these style ornaments whenever I could find them on our trips. We now have one from Yellowstone National Park & Grand Teton National Park:Wyoming, Palo Duro Canyon:Texas, Dublin:Ireland, New Orleans:Louisiana, Winter Park:Colorado, Maui:Hawaii, Florence:Italy, Ketchikan:Alaska, and Nashville:Tennessee. I chose to hang them from our dining room fixture mainly because I have a handsy two-year old and these items are priceless to me. Not to mention I think they get much more attention from us and our friends and family. It's nice to have these little reminders of the trips we have been privileged to take and a wonderful heirloom that I intend to pass down to our children.


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