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Monday, January 31, 2011


It is a goal of mine this Spring to build a compost pile at the back of our yard. Last month I became pretty diligent about throwing the compostable scraps we have from meals into a bowl and then taking them to the backyard where I have been piling things like our pumpkins, old plants etc until I can work on getting the actual compost pile made. everyone knows, this stuff accumulates faster than you think sometimes and before I knew it, I would have a bowl on the counter spilling over. Well with the cold weather I wasn't moving it to the backyard very quickly. I had one small container under the sink with a lid, or I would cover the bowl with plastic wrap ... (another item I am going to try to stop using) ... but I just wasn't happy with how the process was going. I have been looking for the perfect compost-tin, one that I could keep under the kitchen sink or in our mudroom...that would hold enough so we wouldn't have to empty it daily, and tonight we found it on a random trip to Lowe's. This is a 6 gallon tin can with a lid and handle that I couldn't be happier about.

It is definitely a start ...


Tami said...

I can't wait until I have my own hosue and a yard so I can composte. So glad you are doing this1