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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Its been a long (but FUN) week here. Our firefighter friends from Erfurt Germany, who so graciously hosted us last August as part of our Sister City Exchange program, had the opportunity to come and visit! They arrived Saturday evening August 21, and just departed to go back home this morning.

Words cannot express how grateful Matt and I are to be apart of such a wonderful experience. We have made life long friends, and we know we will see them again, whether it be in Germany or here in the US of A. My next several posts will be filled with fond memories of their visit and of course the backlog of things I have been meaning to put up for some time.

We hope that Sven, Cindy, Ronald, Nadja & Andre have a safe flight home tonight. Thank you for making the last 11 days so enjoyable. We will always appreciate the constant game of charades, breaking the language barrier, all the good laughs, jokes, and memories we now have together.

Mit viel Liebe ... Wir vermissen dich schon!
E-Mail, wenn sicher nach Hause, Deutschland!

"Wenn das Leben gibt Ihnen Limetten, Margaritas machen."