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Saturday, April 10, 2010


What a WHIRLWIND of a week we have had! I am SO happy to announce that TODAY we negotiated an offer on the house that came thru last night and that we have a signed Contract Pending on our casa!!! AND we will be officially signing the agreement on the new house on Monday!!! We are so glad that this process will be coming to an end soon, that someone will get to enjoy the house we have so graciously called home for the last 7 years...and that we will be moving on to a new home, with new memories, new surroundings and gatherings with family and friends.

AND to the many lovely Realtors who showed our house over the last two of you will be the lucky winner of a free meal at Panera...that's right...why let them go to waste! I have been holding on to all of them and came to an epiphany recently deciding to throw them all into one of those fishbowls at some restaurant and that is what I intend to least someone will get something out their efforts!


Friday, April 9, 2010


Our trip to the Garden Center @ Home Depot . . .

Resulted in this . . . to prep for the Open House on Sunday . . .

But we received an OFFER on the house today!!!
And hope that we will come to an agreement tomorrow!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

YOUcapture - COMFORT

When I saw this weeks challenge...that was my immediate would be a CHALLENGE deciding what COMFORT was. I have loads of things I could have photographed that COMFORT me and my husband and daughter...but as the week progressed and other things started happening...I found COMFORT in this.

COMFORT in knowing that I was making the right decision for myself, for my husband, my daughter and any new additions we eventually bring into this family. Things have happened SO fast this past week...but fast in a very GOOD way. Matt and I found what we hope will be our next HOME. I say home in caps because from the minute I saw this house, and immediately upon its tour, I envisioned my family here. I pictured our HOME. And when you can do that...I think it says something. I am proud of us for staying grounded through the process...we had SO many conversations in the last several days about the PROS and CONS of the situation, and went back and forth on things, but in the end...the PROS still came out way beyond the few CONS.

SO...the only way to know if this house was meant to be OUR HOME...was to make an offer. And we did...and my nerves were SO crazy all day yesterday as we negotiated out an agreement. I think I was so nervous, because I really knew in my heart that this was the place for us...however, we all know the reality of purchasing houses and the process involved...and no matter how easy or hard it can be, it is a BIG that we honestly didn't take lightly.

SO...the bigger question everyone is probably have we sold our yet. NO. However, we have come to a Contingency Agreement on our house, and got some REALLY good feedback on a showing from yesterday...who might be putting in an offer soon! When you let things happen when they are supposed to...things really do tend to fall in place. And that is also COMFORT.

Please keep good thoughts flowing this way...I am staying POSITIVE about it hopes that in the end everything comes together as it should.

P.S. and if it does...I'll expand on these pics with descriptions and have MORE pictures with all the lovely details of this place...there is one HUGE perk in the back that I know will get ALOT of use from someone I love!

To check out more inspirations on COMFORT...go HERE!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Matt and I shared a bottle of this new favorite wine with some new friends last night and it was pretty tasty! Not to mention I LOVE the label, and that is usually how I go about my Wine purchases. I purchased this one @ Typsy's in Mission on Johnson Drive...check them out if you get a chance...and enjoy this nice weather over a glass...or two!

photo courtesy of


I received a call/email for HELP! yesterday from my friend Melissa over at My Gartland Family...she was trying to tweak her blog design and I am sure if you are like me, you have hit one wrong button when attempting to change the face of your blog thinking its going to be PERFECT, then you go back to look at it after changing those settings...and it is the COMPLETE opposite!!! Well this happened to her yesterday...but we were able to get it cleaned up and headed in the right direction for what she wanted! I was more than happy to help her out, so, go check it out when you have a'll fall in love with those kids...they are just TOO cute!!!

photo courtesy of Melissa @ My Gartland Family

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Matt and I each received an Easter JAR from his mother as our Easter Basket this year. I love that it came in something that was reusable. We've already emptied the candy into a community bowl and put these jars to work in our kitchen storing our coffee beans and rice.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Just a few treats that were given to us yesterday...

Sunday, April 4, 2010



We won't be celebrating the religious aspect of Easter...just the overly commercialized idea that a large fuzzy bunny hides un-environmentally plastic eggs filled with candy all over the place for our Toddler to collect and play with the rest of the day! Anyone know if you can recycle those somewhere if you don't hold on to them for 30 years?

Anyway...however, you spend / celebrate your Easter Holiday...
we do hope that you have a wonderful day!!!