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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Diapers & Dressing

So this morning while we were sitting in our office Sydney walked in the room with her Tinkerbell doll, then proceeded back in to her room and returned with a diaper. She sat on the floor and tried to diaper the doll herself, but a size 4 for miss tink was actually a bit drowning. Instead we talked her into putting the diaper on her Hippo and that turned in to putting a shirt on it and adding the final touch of the hair piece. This KID cracks me up!

Friday, March 26, 2010

ThE MoOn

Sydney's latest infatuation is the Moon. She pointed it out last night on our walk...and tonight she kept yelling about it on our car ride home...the problem was that she saw it and then we turned a different direction and therefore couldn't find it. So she hollered for it the entire way home...and when we got here we sat on the driveway pointing it out so we could take pics.

ItAly ReViSiTeD

I got the idea for this when checking out this mornings post over at THE ENGLIGH MUFFIN BLOG ... and her post directed me to BIG HUGE LABS to create my own from some old Italy pics I just came across!

Definitely made me miss Italy...I can't wait to go back some day!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


smaLLestHOUSE, originally uploaded by Eppyville.

That little house in the middle of this block used to be the smallest house in the historical city centre of Erfurt, Germany WAY back it is just used as the staircase between the two other living spaces...I think its pretty interesting. AND soon I promise, I will finally finish the GERMANY posts from our trip last year...its been TOO long and I apologize to my Germany friends who I haven't yet mentioned yet!!! SOON...I do promise!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

YOUcapture - A MOMENT

I had only [ A MOMENT ] to capture this shot...

For more inspiring MOMENTS go here.


Eppyville_6683, originally uploaded by Eppyville.

I've been digging thru some old photos to upload to my new flickr account and came across this one from well as a few others that I really was taken of a shop on the Merchant's Bridge. I'll be posting more soon.

Silly SYD three

Just a few more things our WaCky kiddo was doing this past week...

1. Wearing her blankets HEADDRESS style
2. Sporting her 'RAMBO' belt in her Panda Pajamas
3. Hiding under the Doctor's Table to read books
4. Rocking it out in the car with Mom's shades

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Sydney and I just got back from taking a walk to the area near our house.
Here are a few snaps we shot along the way...

Monday, March 22, 2010

missing IT already

One thing I will miss most about this house when we do get around to selling the natural light that floods the living room each day when the sun goes down. Our house faces west...and I love are a few pics I took earlier of this empty Bombay Bottle I plan to keep on hand for some project or just decoration in the not to distant future. My husband is rolling his eyes right now as he reads this...he is not looking forward to the fact that I will want to hang on to more things knowing I will have the space on hand when we move! Love you, and this Blue Glass.


Sydney received these fun CHUNKYfinger Crayons from her Aunt for Christmas. I have been meaning to photograph these for awhile and finally got around to doing so...I [LOVE] the colors and the fun animal shapes. Coloring has become one of her favorite activities!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

kickedOUT it snowed like 6-8 inches here overnight! I thought it was supposed to be SPRING...but we always manage to get that one last snow right when things start to bud. Anywho...the snow didn't keep people from wanting to kick us out and see the house today (we had 3 more showings in the last 2 least the traffic is still steady!) we packed up and hit the bookstore for a bit. We sat and read Sydney lots of books and then she discovered this wonderful child occupying toy that kept her busy and interested just a tad bit longer! The nice thing is that the weather is already warming up and the snow is melting off...I don't think it will be here very long which is one thing to be HAPPY about today!!!