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Friday, February 26, 2010


Kick Soccer Balls...
and mine wears a cowboy hat.

This little project was inspired by this book...which Sydney got from her Aunt Molly & Uncle Tyson! I love the series and when Syd pulled her TuTu (SUPER easy handmade project given to us from our friends Courtney, Spencer & Georgia...I will be posting my DIY blurb about it soon!) out of her closet it got me thinking. Why not do a series of pics with her in her 'princess' outfit why she's so intrigued by it. So look for more doPRINCESSES posts. We'll see what I catch this little princess doing :)


Syd has really taken to learning her colors...and M&M's are an obvious game to play with her...cause she gets to eat them all in the end!

Silly SYD

Just a few silly things Syd was doing this week...

1] Last night at the grocery store she was using the pack of M&M's I got her as a cell phone...rather LOUDLY shouting 'ha-lo' into them.

2] As we were getting out of the car today for lunch I caught her smelling the bottom of her shoes...not sure its better than sniffing paint!

3] Today when she complained in the car that the sun was in her eyes...I asked her to put her blanket on her head...then realized I needed to say over your face!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


she makes us {S M I L E}
fills our hearts with {L O V E}
and our home with {L A U G H T E R}

YOUcapture - SHAPES

I am new to this YOUcapture project...I came across it this past week on another bout of surfing the BLOGweb; Each week a new challenge / assignment will be posted over at this BLOG, you take photos according to your impression of the challenge and post it the following week. Last week's assignment was are a few things I found around the house...

Which inspired me to pull out a few [PICS] from last year...

Keep checking back ... to see what I do with each weeks assignment!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Received this photo yesterday from Matt's Aunt which she took over the Holidays...anyone else having a Chucky Flashback? That is one crazy look our kiddo has on her face! I think we might lock the bedroom door tonight! :) Just kidding!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

YS Bourbon Whiskey

For those of you who know me...I hold Yellowstone Country near and dear to my heart, because that was my families vacation spot every summer since I was 3 years old! And minus our cult experience with the CUT (we found out just how crazy that group was first hand), we built a wonderful little place there that we still visit regulary! So, Matt and I were looking at prospective houses the other day and one of them had this lovely framed sign near their bar...too bad the house wasn't as cool as this! And rather than steal this (like I am known to do with Bar Glasses...we have way TOO many!) I decided to take the 'high' road and throw it on the blog instead graciously asking that if anyone EVER comes across this framed lovely sign and they don't want it...remember me cause I will TAKE it! Might even pay you for it!