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Friday, February 19, 2010

Good Night...

Matt texted this to me this morning...
"She laid down, pulled up the blanket and said 'night'!
(I just love that she is flashing a 'peace-out' at the camera!)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

the NOTEBOOK journey here is a little (actually its pretty big) project I came across today as I was surfing for interesting or humorous blogs today. But I have to give kudos to the path that brought me to here I go...

I was on my our blog EppersonFam and I jumped on over to Hyperbole and a Half ... this chick makes me laugh. She has a sense of humor that I relate to and I think her posts are hilarious! I usually check Hyperbole to see if she is following anyone I might also I hopped on over to Steam Me Up Kid and then went on to Calling People Names which in turn headed me in the direction of What Were You Thinking? ... where I saw the Mean Girl Garage ... which finally landed me in touch with THE NOTEBOOK JOURNEY. That was a journey in itself...and to be honest I didn't even read that much of the others as I sifted through to see if I was interested. There are a few I think I will get back to...but I just wanted to point out that this internet thing is so freaking endless and it lands you in places you thought you might not be...and can put you in touch with people doing cool projects like this.

This NOTEBOOK is about to take an amazing Journey around the world...and I have signed up to take part in it! I just received confirmation that I am in...and it will eventually land here in KC.

So here are a few of the rules...from its originator!

1. Write / Draw / Quote whatever your heart desires.
Jot down a poem, draw someone a picture, quote your favorite person, tell us about your day, review a book, tell a joke, journal about your year, send us a recipe. The notebook is your free forum. Just keep it to one page.

2. Include your Name [or nickname if you want to be anonymous] and location at the top of the page.

3. Include your email Address / WebPage / Twitter … but only IF you want to. I’d love to contact everyone after the notebook has made its way back to me.

4. All I ask is four things…
a. Send me a quick email/tweet letting me know the notebook has been received.
b. Send me a POSTCARD from your location when you send out the notebook.
(My Address is included in the notebook!)
c. Email me a Picture of you with the notebook and a snapshot of what you have contributed (if anonymous, just the notebook is fine.)
d. Let me know when you have mailed the notebook (via email or twitter) so I can inform the next person that it’s on its way!

5. When the notebook has reached its final page, please send it back to me! I would love to see/document/update everyone on its progress. If there are still people available to send it to, I will add additional pages and send it back off.

6. Please feel free to hand this off to a friend or relative, but please make sure they are aware that they need to email me for an additional address to send it to if they have no one. I don’t want this notebook getting lost. And please try to send it out within 10 days of receiving it!

7. And finally, I trust all of us to commit to the rules of this project, so the notebook doesn’t get lost in transition. If you have received the notebook, and want nothing to do with it or just don’t feel like participating anymore, kingly just mail it back to me.

I am excited to hear how this goes and what people include / create! Be sure to follow the Blog at to see where it might be next, or to sign up and participate!!!


Seriously can't get enough of this guy! He truly ROCKS the snowboard and is the ambassador of this sport! Never gets old watching him win GOLD!

Check out last night's Olympic run HERE!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Indoor Chaos...

I took Sydney & Elaina to the Sylvestor Powell CC Open Gym yesterday. This is serious INDOOR CHAOS, but the girls had a great time! And since they were so distracted with EVERYTHING...they didn't have time to fight eachother for their toys!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

bald IS beautiful

Talk about showing support!

My Rock Star Sister-In-Law Hollie shaved her head this weekend in support of her Mother (Traci - Center) who is fighting Stage 2 Breast Cancer! Way to go are beautiful...and Traci we know you can and will beat this!!! You are in my thoughts daily...I am sending good mojo your way!


Just wanted to wish everyone a
...hope yours was filled with lots of {LOVE}