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Friday, February 12, 2010

21 Months

(In the top photo she was sporting what is actually a flower headband around her waist when Matt woke her from her nap...and below is her infamous outfit of moon-boots over pjs with feet and her hat on cold winter days when we don't feel like getting dressed!)

Good grief!!! This month went by fast!

In these last 30 days Sydney has successfully identified her colors and will now tell you what color things are when you ask. She is rapidly repeating words on first attempts (my favorite is 'dirty' which come outs 'dawrty' with a new yorker accent), she will recite her numbers back to you as you count with her, and does the same thing with her alphabet. Syd will tell you where all of her body parts are, and spends time splashing more water out of the bathtub than when she gets in.

She LOVES to dance to all kinds of music...and is constantly bopping her head to the beat in the car or shaking her booty in the livingroom as we jam to different songs!

With our attempt at selling the house we put carpet back in all 3 bedrooms. She quickly figured out, just how much easier it is to roll around and attempt somersaults which she does daily!

She has sudden bursts of crazy energy...and we find that she usually gets a second wind right when we think she has turned calm & quiet!

Sydney now mimics your actions...for instance when I pulled her into the lobby at the restaurant last night because she was literally screaming and wouldn't sit still, I stood there and folded my arms looking at her...she looked back at me, folded her arms, and stared, then she'd point at the door back into the restaurant and say "Eat", then throw her arms back together! (These are the moments my parents have been waiting for!) It took all of my energy not to laugh. She definitely knows what buttons to push and when. And if she wasn't so damn cute about all it right now I wouldn't claim her!

Sydney is the life of any party as she draws in attention with her contagious laughter and hilarious facial expressions! She spent Super Bowl evening eating M&M's as I made her tell me the colors, running up and down Wendy's hallway laughing, taking her mardi gra beads on and off repeatedly, and pushing Kelly's boyfriend off his own cooler so that she could eat the ice, and then randomly pass out beers to the guests!

Her eye-teeth just started breaking thru (which I have heard are the most painful), so she has been quite cranky with runny noses, and just fits of uncomfortableness. She can definitely be a handful...but she is wonderful and we are loving every minute of it, even when we find it challenging! Here's to 21 Months kiddo...and to many, many more!

Memorial Fundraiser

We were very saddened to hear this past week that the 5 year old daughter of a Leavenworth Fire Fighter passed away when a fire started at their home. We can't imagine what this family is going thru right now. The father attempted to save his daughters life, but was unsuccessful. The Leavenworth Fire District will be hosting a Memorial Breakfast Fundraiser this Sunday that Sydney and I are planning to attend. To read more about this tragic story please visit this LINK.

Monday, February 8, 2010


The House went on the market this weekend!