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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

24 Months

Two Years Old today....

And it still feels like we brought her home just yesterday. I remember how tiny and innocent she was...and how we couldn't stop staring at her. How amazing it felt to know we had created, carried and brought this lil girl into the world. And we still can't stop staring at her...and laughing at her, and getting frustrated at her...because without her, life just isn't the same. Our world revolves around her from the time she wakes up every morning, to the time she falls asleep each night. Sydney continues to amaze us with her personality and wit. She is one funny little toddler who gives us both a run for our money...but we wouldn't want it any other way.

This past month her vocabulary has exceeded our expectations and her pronunciations become clearer and clearer each day. She is counting and learning her letters. Her attempt at explanations catch us off guard, and she surprises us with new things each day. The things that you think she wouldn't pick up, she does, and she will tell you something days after it happens, when you think she has completely forgotten. For instance, we decided to go get donuts today for breakfast, I asked her what kind she wanted, then proceeded to name off the different ones, and when I said Sprinkled...she immediately said 'Jake'...the friend she shared a sprinkled donut with over a week ago!

When she frustrates us, she immediately makes us laugh with one of her expressions or how she attempted to tell us something. I constantly am reminded that this phase of learning to speak will be over before I know it, and I won't be able to remember all the cute ways she started saying things...because we will be having actual conversations, with full sentences.

One thing I won't that she says Ketchup the exact same way I was told I said it...'kep-ig' which I find so humerous everytime she says it. Almost all of her teeth have come in now, she brushes her hair out of her face often (yes, eventually we will cut it, were just not ready yet!), she is using her potty chair regularly and we hope to be out of diapers this summer, she still loves to read and dance, LOVES Dora the Explorer, and has a new infatuation with the outdoors! Today we went out for breakfast, picked up items for her party on Sunday and through the unexcapable frustration that a toddler can bring to our daily routine at any given moment, we reminded ourselves to enjoy the day with her, because she only turns two once...and the next year will fly by just as fast, if not faster than this one did!


wallflower said...

This is so cute.
Thanks for sharing.
:) I think the reason I love kids the most is because they're kind of like a link to my own childhood memories..