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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Lilacs are my all time FAVORITE flower!
I love the way they smell and look.
Growing up we had, and my parents still have
a few LARGE bushes in their yard.
I have enjoyed the few that are in my current backyard.
And when they bloom, they adorn my house in Spring.
So I was OVERLY excited the other day while visiting
the soon to be new house, when I discovered
that the front porch is also adorned with
the same lovely Lilacs I have here...
Just another thing I LOVE about the new space...


Kristen said...

I grew up with lilacs below my bedroom window. In the spring it was all I would smell, it's such a comfort to me too. The house we bought has two of the dwarf bushes by the front, I took it as an omen that this place was meant to be our home. :) Great pictures!

jorth said...

That's got to be a good omen!