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Monday, April 26, 2010


Raising the Awareness of ALD (Adrenoleukodystophy) at the OVEXPO.

What is ALD?

ALD is an x-linked genetically determined neurological disorder that affects boys between the ages of four and ten. ALD symptoms include visual disturbances, auditory discrimination, impaired coordination, dementia, and seizures ultimately leading to a vegetative state before death. THERE IS NO CURE.

What is Expedition Awarenss?

Expedition Awareness is an Adventure based, non-profit association tasked with the important job of raising the awareness for Adrenoleukodystophy within the Off-Road community and beyond. ALD is a rare disease but still affects 1 in 18,000 little boys.


* Two Countries, 15 States, 4 provinces
* Feature Length HD "Adventumentary"
*Seven Weeks - Self Contained
* Two Guys, Two Jeeps, ONE Goal

For more information on the Expedition, their cause
and to make a donation...visit this website.

For additional information about this rare disease
visit the ALDFoundation



Kristen said...

ALD. . .that's the disease the movie Lorenzo's Oil is about right?