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Monday, April 12, 2010

23 Months

What a MONTH! Let's I log in to my brain and recap what Syd has been up to the past month these are some of the things that come to mind . . .

"No" has become a favorite word and we use it ALOT - We like to have Mom or Dad's FULL attention on us at all times if possible - We cut a few more teeth . . . and are cutting another one now - LOVE the outdoors, P A R K is a magic word . . . don't say it unless you mean it! - I like to SING to myself - A few times a week, I won't take a nap . . . just cause I don't want to. - My hair is getting so LONG . . . Mom might have to cut it - My imagination is starting to show . . . I try to feed and give my milk to my dolls and stuffed animals - I am RUNNING - I throw tantrums . . . sometimes even over the slightest thing - My vocabulary has QUADRUPLED in just 4 weeks and now I am repeating everything I hear . . . literally EVERYTHING! - I showed interest in my potty chair on and off . . . Mom and Dad hope to get serious about it once we are in our new house! - Still a picky eater - I like to get 'dirty', and then tell my parents that I am 'dirty' and then complain that I am 'dirty' until they do something about it - I make funny faces - AND funny noises - I can make noises you didn't think were real! - I LOVE to read books - But I also LOVE to 'D'raw' with pens, pencils, crayons, markers, and anything else I can find - When I see Fire Trucks I immediately say Daddy - I am speaking in broken sentences to get my points across - I LOVE to spend time with my friends and my favorite babysitter is SAMMIE - I adore my shoes and will take them on and off over and over again - I also try to dress and undress myself - Still can't leave home without my blankets - I wake up and like to chill on the couch with my waffle and milk watching my morning PBS shows! - I LOVE the slides at the Park - I am nosey and get in to everything . . . my ears work . . . just not when Mom and Dad ask me to do certain stuff!

Her personality shines through everyday and as frustrating as it is at times to not understand your toddler . . . she's made the overall experience pretty wonderful! Hard to believe that we are only one month away from celebrating that 2nd Birthday! Where did the time go? Next month she'll probably be driving!