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Thursday, March 18, 2010


YOUcapture - [REACHING]

My husband and I are not religious.
Not in the sense of what society deems [religious].

We do not attend church,
our [sanctuary] is whatever and where ever we make it.

We do not read the [bible],
our religion is not set in type.

We do not believe in a [god],
but in the goodness of
everyday people who surround us.

We do not call this anything...
Our [religion] does not have a label.

Our [faith] is trusting each other,
this world, being positive about the challenges
and experiences that we face together.
In our hearts knowing that we are here now,
should live this life to its fullest,
however we see fit, with the short time we are here.

We do this daily by
loving those we know how to love,
giving back and helping those we can,
sharing the world with our children,
respecting our family and friends,
[even when it is hard]
seeking adventure,
and just living in the here and now.

SOOOO...for those close to us, who know and understand this about us it is extremely [REACHING] that Matt and I chose to do what we did last week. I had been told recently by a friend about St. Joseph, and that you should bury a statue of him in your yard if you want to sell your house. Well, Matt and I, by all means WANT TO SELL OUR HOUSE! The irony is that Matt's mother, our real estate agent, not knowing I had mentioned this St. Joseph thing in conversation to Matt, bought one of these St. Joseph kits for us which Matt brought home last week. And though we don't 'believe' in society's typical religion ... we decided to go ahead and believe in the power of positive energy [and frankly not to be rude] went through with this process, as strange as it felt. And for us it really felt strange!!!

In the [sanctuary] of our front yard, Matt and I stood holding the St. Joseph statue together and recited the [prayer] enclosed in the NON-COMMERCIALized [yes, that is sarcasm shining through - see picture above] enclosure he came in. And then we lowered the plastic statue into the ground [don't worry my environmentalist friends and family members - it will be removed and taken with us when we sell the house!] and buried him in the one place it seemed most appropriate...under the rock we received as a wedding gift just months before moving into this house, which we have now made our home the last 7 years.

I apologize if I come across apathetic ... I truly do believe that if you put your positive energy out there into the world, create a happy place, you can and will reap the rewards in the end. I just don't agree nor believe in all the [religious] bullshit that I have found out there.

So...I am not [REACHING] to believe in the idea that good things do happen to people, when the timing is right and the planets align accordingly..but yes I am [REACHING] in the belief that a plastic statue that did come in a very commercialized box [ once again see image above cause it says it all ] which made us both laugh, will in the end be the reason we sell our house.

For those of you jumping at the bit to leave comments...please read the following DISCLOSURE...

We respect the world for allowing us all to be DIFFERENT! We respect those around us for believing in whatever makes them a better person, or makes this world a better place for them...BUT WE RESPECT people even more for RESPECTING us and our thoughts and opinions the same way. We are not here to tell you how to do anything a certain way or what you should believe or have faith in, we are only sharing our own thoughts and ideas through this BLOG as our personal outlet to this vas space we live in together. By all means share your thoughts with us if you can be objective and RESPECT us for ours.
~ ----------------- ~

By the way...the punchline is that we got an offer on the house last night.
The buyer was a 3x repeat showing...
Were countering...there's some negotiating getting ready to take place.
But we'll see if we can come to an agreement...


Anonymous said...

No preaching from me! I'm an agnostic (who was raised Catholic) and would totally do the same thing. It's fun. And congrats on selling your home.

Life with Kaishon said...

I won't preach : ) I will just say that I will pray to God that your house does sell! He can do great and wonderful things! Many blessings to you and your family today!

Jen said...

I'm glad that it sold! As to respect, it totally drives me nuts that people don't offer it to one another. I believe much differently than you do, but that doesn't mean that people who think differently from one another don't deserve respect! Different ideologies don't justify unkindness.

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Awesome! Congrats and good luck!

tara said...


hey, congrats on the offer - i hope it works out.

and as for reaching, i was soooo tempted to do the same (recovering catholic though i may be) when i was struggling to sell mine last year.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you :) Hope the house sells!!
And I was born and raised in a catholic family but for a while now I don't have any religion, I'm just like you, I believe in goodness of the people around me but i respect people's belief's and more if they respect mine.
Sending you lots of positiveness so your house sells soon and for it to be the best deal!

Upstatemomof3 said...

I am Catholic so I believe St Joseph will help you. :) Regardless I wish you the best of luck on selling your house.