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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


For those of you who don't know what I actually do when I am not being a Mom, Wife, Blogger...I am the Office Manager for my father's 30+ year photography business here in KC. work schedule has been pretty chaotic since Sydney arrived almost 2 years ago this May. Matt and I have chosen not to put her in daycare mainly because I would be working ONLY to support her daycare costs...and to me, that just wasn't worth it. So rather than quit, I have cut back on my hours and have beening working Part-Time ever since. We have been REALLY fortunate to have that flexibility with my position, and to have so many family and friends who have been there to help us with Sydney when we've needed it. But lately it was just getting to be way too much. I was doing more running around just getting her to a different household every day so I could run to the office to do the same things I could be doing from home. So...I have been really excited about this new transition and officially moved my office home last night. I spent the better part of this morning re-organizing the space to set it up with everything I need, including the second computer...and I anticipate a few days back and forth to finish it completely. With Matt's FF Schedule I'll still be going into the office a few morning a week, and making frequent dropoffs and pickups, but the pressure to get there and get everything done in such a short time frame will no longer exist. I like that I will be able to work on things early in the morning and while Syd is napping which means more time and attention to her...and the flexibility of doing the same on the weekend if need be which keeps it all in check. I already feel like I can's to was needed and I welcome it.


WannabeVirginia W. said...

It is great to be able to work from home and not miss out on our daughter's milestones.