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Monday, March 1, 2010


It's been awhile since I have been able to really let the creative juices flow. Partly due to the fact that I have NO ROOM in this house to do it! And now that we have packed everything up...CRAFT stuff included in order to make the house presentable for prospective buyers...I am completely naked! I have realized just how much I miss having good, organized access to all the things that help me create! I know what I am looking for in the next house, and maybe it will be here sooner, rather than later!

This is when my Brain is at its Best...when I can sit down and put my ideas together! In my 101 Challenge which you can follow HERE...I challenged myself to create all HANDMADE gifts for ONE YEAR! And so far, 2010 may just be it! I made this handmade TUTU for my niece Genesee who just turned 5 this past week. SUPER EASY!!!

I bought 4 different colors of Thule...2 yards each.
Then I cut them into strips.
The longer the strips, the longer the TuTu,
the shorter the strips, the shorter the length...

I then take the strips and loop knot them over a piece of Ribbon...
Creating the waist band.

Knot the ends closest to the Thule and then tie the end into a Bow.
This is how you will put it on and take it off.

My idea paid off...I had a lady approach me in the restaurant last night asking about these. I explained how easy they were and she told me I should sell them. I told her she could do it herself, and she looked at me and laughed...she said she isn't the most creative when it comes to things like this...and I gave her my information. Told her I would be happy to create and sell a few to her. AND I really think she's going to call. Funny how things work.
I have a few other projects I completed that I will post about soon!


Brandi said...

That tutu is adorable! And thanks so much for the link love! :)

Melissa said...

These are adorable.