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Sunday, March 7, 2010

7 for 7

Thought I would continue this random BLOG streak I am on and see if I can do 31 posts this month! This weekend has been CRAZY! I am diligently trying my best to get caught up on some things I just haven't been able to make time for...however, my list always gets alot longer before I can shorten it. We had two showings yesterday on the house, one this morning, and we are getting ready to pack up again to get out of here for a SECOND showing!!! Maybe this will be the one...but we also have one scheduled for tomorrow over lunch. We are coming up on 20 showings in the past 4 weeks, and with Spring here I am itching to get out and get serious myself about finding the next house! The weather this weekend was perfect, KU kicked MU's butt yesterday...and today we fired up the power washer, cleaned off the deck which is now BBQ ready...may just end the evening out there, with a fire going and a big glass of wine or a cold both hands! Here's to a better, less crazier week than this one was...but I doubt that request is going to be answered just yet! Hope everyone had a great weekend!