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Friday, March 12, 2010

22 Months

- Colors -
Knows the colors in the rainbow, black & brown
Likes to point them out whenever she can.

- StopLights -
We had a conversation one day about the colors in a stop light...
The other day while driving...she informed me that
Green lights mean GO, Red Lights mean STOP

- Alphabet -
I am making her handmade flashcards.
We show her letters and she repeats them.
While in the drive thru at the Mission Bank she kept
shouting 'b' from her seat...took me a minute to realize
she was pointing at the letter B in the Bank sign.

- Numbers -
Will hold up one finger when asked how old she is.
Will tell you how old she will be soon.
Likes to line things up and then we count them.

Dancing - Repeating - Running - Climbing - Singing - Possessive - Loves her Puzzles & Reading Books - Enjoys the Park - Growing, Growing, Growing - Yells Hello when we pass strangers - Yells BYE rather dramatically whenever we leave somewhere - Gives lots of squeezes (hugs) and kisses - Loves to Roll across the carpet - Take walks down the street - Pushes her stroller in stores because she refuses to ride in it - Sesame Street Addict - Talking, Talking, Talking! - Still sleeping well - Throws Tantrums - Picky Eater - Won't leave home without her Blanket - Loves to Draw or Color - Has to do almost everything for herself...until it frustrates her.

This has been one of the most interesting times with Sydney to date. She is literally doing something new every other minute. You'll say something once and she'll be repeating it and understanding it very quickly after that. She is a SPONGE and we are loving every minute as she defines her personality, characteristics, spreads her energy, and challenges the world!