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Monday, February 22, 2010

YS Bourbon Whiskey

For those of you who know me...I hold Yellowstone Country near and dear to my heart, because that was my families vacation spot every summer since I was 3 years old! And minus our cult experience with the CUT (we found out just how crazy that group was first hand), we built a wonderful little place there that we still visit regulary! So, Matt and I were looking at prospective houses the other day and one of them had this lovely framed sign near their bar...too bad the house wasn't as cool as this! And rather than steal this (like I am known to do with Bar Glasses...we have way TOO many!) I decided to take the 'high' road and throw it on the blog instead graciously asking that if anyone EVER comes across this framed lovely sign and they don't want it...remember me cause I will TAKE it! Might even pay you for it!