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Friday, February 5, 2010



Best FaceBook Comment -

"I'm glad you found them. I heard they were being chased by a Dragon Inn* employee! Dog gone, that was a close one!"**

*Dragon Inn - The Chinese Restaurant just blocks from us!
**I actually had this random thought the other day...

Yes! I got a call just an hour and a half ago from a lovely lady just blocks from here! And no she doesn't work for Dragon Inn, nor were they found near it...or else we may not have gotten the call :) AND my mother would never eat at her favorite chinese restaurant again!

Turns out the dogs must have had their run of the neighborhood the last few days before wandering into the Keighley's backyard. They showed up there this morning and camped out on their deck. I can only imagine what these two spent the last 3 days doing around here...but I am still more surprised that NO ONE saw them or thought enough to call it in until today! Words can not express how happy we are to have them home. We appreciate everyone's assistance in spreading the word throughout KC. I had just printed up a handful of flyers to take out in the morning...guess I jinxed it! AND to the psychic that happens to work at the Alzheimer Facility with my Mom who told her today when she asked that they were happy, tails wagging because they were free, but that we would find them! THANK YOU!!!