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Friday, January 22, 2010


So...whats up and coming for the Epperson's in 2010

#1. A NEW FACE for THIS BLOG ... For starters, anyone who actually takes a look at this will see that we have a new look. I quickly realized that the old format wasn't going to be blog-friendly anymore for the content I wanted to link to. I am inspired by many things this world has to offer...and I wanted to share those things with anyone of you out there that might actually give a damn. There are now lots of nifty links to the things that Matt and I find interesting...if you have one that you think we'd enjoy, by all means send it our way and we'll add it to our growing lists if it inspires us too! I spent only a day and a half sifting the internet for templates to use...and I think I am finally settling into this format. The 3 Column exposure definitely gives the space I was looking for, but it only works with certain backgrounds and you can't edit much of this through the Blogger settings. So unless I learn to read HTML...this is as good as it gets!

#2. We are actively de-cluttering our humble little casa! Matt and I are putting the house up for sale in just a few short weeks in hopes to sell by summer! I am very anxious to move into something with MORE space. This house has been good to us...but SEVEN years later, 2 large dogs, 1 child and 2 adults in a house with no basement is getting rather cramped! is wishing us luck in our real estate endeavor. I am amazed at ALL the things we have managed to cram into this small I box up things I wonder how we did it this long!

#3. Matt is heading back to school!!! He is looking to finish his Bachelors. Originally he was going to start at KU Edwards and tag-team online classes at JCCC...but in the end he found a better deal through Mid-America. Their program only lasts a year and he will start this Spring!

#4. TRAVELING...Pregnancy is about the only thing that will keep me from traveling. I LOVE IT! I love visiting new places and meeting new people. We were spoiled last year and got to see some amazing places. We won't be going overboard this year...but a few trips are on the agenda in 2010! For starters...Matt and I are heading to ARIZONA in April for the Overland Journal Expo. We were going to do this last year, but it just got to be too we transferred our registration to this Spring and can't wait to check it out. Still debating if Syd will join us on this one...its going to be a short trip, but a hell of a drive, so we may try this one on our own to keep it simple. --- This Summer we are going to retreat back to the Cabin in Montana...hitting up a good hike in Colorado on the way up. I am looking forward to sitting on that front porch again...taking in the view and wishing I didn't have to leave! And its always nice to catch up with Tyson and Molly in the flesh! AND finally I am taking a few trips with my nephew David & my niece Samantha! As part of their Christmas Gifts I gave them each a voucher: David gets to take a long weekend camp out with Matt and I. He's the outdoorsy type and I am looking forward to a hitting up a new place, maybe Flint Hills or something different. For Sam, I gave her a voucher to take a trip with me anywhere in the lower 48 states! She is only growing older on me...and if you can believe it, starts High School next year. I wanted to do something with just her before she begins this next stage of her life! She is pretty set on heading up to the pacific northwest and checking out Forks, Washington and the surrounding area...yes, we are both obsessed with the Twilight Saga...and no, I am not going Vampire Hunting...we just want to check it out!

#5. CELEBRATING my 30th BIRTHDAY! Not sure what we will be doing just yet...maybe a pub-crawl or something interesting...but I will be celebrating with family, friends and my good friend 'Captain Morgan'!

#6. Troll #2...Matt's words, not mine! But yes, we are thinking of trying again later this year for our second bambino. Not sure about any of my other Mommy easy as my pregnancy was with Sydney...I am ready to only go through being pregnant one more time. I then want to reclaim my body and move on with my kiddos! The process of pregnancy is an interesting experience and I wouldn't trade that for anything...I am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to create and birth life...but I am not looking to populate the one more time and were good to go! If Matt has it his way...he'll be getting snipped while I am in labor!

#7. THE GERMANS ARE COMING! THE GERMANS ARE COMING! We are really excited to have our German family coming to visit Shawnee later this year. Not clear on the exact dates, but we can't wait to see them and to help host while they are here! It is the least we can do for all the hospitality we received while we were visiting! Miss you guys!!!

That's all that comes to mind right now...probably missing something...but in all honestly, I miss ALOT these days with everything going on! Those brain cells I keep asking to return just won't listen!