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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Trail Guide to Hyalite Peak

So my older brother Tyson is a Geology Major at the University of Montana, in Bozeman. And the more I hear about my brother's studies, the more it pisses us off! 1) Only because Matt and I wish we had taken it upon ourselves to move away from KC to the mountains like he has!!! 2) And because he gets to do things like this for homework!!!

This has been one of his ongoing projects for one of his classes...he hiked Hyalite Peak just outside of Bozeman and created this online Trail Guide with his classmate which is chock full of wonderful geological information on what you see on the trail leading up to the peak from a geological standpoint.

Check it out...HERE.

Thanks for the info did a great job!
Matt and I do want to take this educational hike sometime!

And I see Moose made the cut...