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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The 'death' of another tree...

In preparation for the upcoming holiday, the humans woke early, added additional layers of marshmallow looking clothing, drove north away from the city and battled the frigid windy weather of the mid-west in search of yet another x-mas tree ... that in just a short few weeks will go live with the fishes in Shawnee Mission Park's Lake.

Tis the Season!

On another note...this year the ornaments will not have to endure or live in fear of the smallest human creature's torture. They will remain securely packaged in their boxes safe and sound! And LED Christmas lights are super kid friendly...ours are big and bright and don't get the tree torturer can admire them all she wants!

How old did you say he is?

We celebrated Chad's 40th Birthday Friday evening!

The T-Shirts that said "In Dog Years He Would Already Be Dead"

The Framed Twilight Collage for Chad's Man Room

Thanks for letting us share your milestone!
Here's to many more wonderful Birthdays to come!

Hunting Bambi...

Matt went deer hunting for the first time with his friend Mike this last week. It was cold, windy, and neither one of them had any luck. Seems Bambi was spared this time however Bambi's mother should now be on the look out when they make another attempt in January.