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Thursday, November 12, 2009

18 Months

18 Months...where does the time go? Let's sum it the last month Sydney... Still laughs with her contagious laugh ALOT - Loves watching Sesame Street - Likes her Books the MOST - Attempts dressing herself...but is better at undressing herself - Likes raking up and playing in the Fall Leaves - Knows where her Nose/Eyes/Ears/Chin/Teeth/Mouth/Tongue/Hair/Hands/Fingers/Toes/Legs/Bottom/Belly are - Loves to hear herself Squeal or Scream to get our attention - Climbs on EVERYTHING - Gets coaxed to bed every night with, "You want to brush you teeth?"...and then proceeds to RUN to the bathroom, pull her stool in front of the sink, and reach for the toothpaste - Holds up one finger above her head when asked how old she is - Says her dogs names as "O-dy" (Cody) and "i-ee" (Riley) - Knows animal noises for Cat/Dog/Horse/Lamb/Cow/Monkey/Elephant - She is still a picky eater - Likes to steal pens and draw on things - Still wont keep a clip in her hair for very long - Sleeps through the night - Takes good naps - Like taking adventure walks down the street...and collects every stick in sight - Is a waterbaby and leaves more water on the bathroom floor than in the tub - Shakes her booty to music - Learning to recognize JAYHAWKS only - Got dressed up a Troll for Halloween with a little inspiration from Mom...and the 1990's Treasure Trolls.

We had her 18 month checkup on Monday...she was loaded up with the usual 18 month shots, her flu and H1N1. She is weighing in at 22lbs and grew 3 inches since her 12 month checkup. We are working with her everyday as she continues to explore this crazy world! Thanksgiving and Christmas will be extra special this year as she begins to understand things more!