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Sunday, August 16, 2009

15 Months

Since we returned home from Montana last month Sydney - has stopped using a bottle - is climbing up on everything and attempts the couch on her own - has started trying to say words like 'dog' and dad's favorite, 'golf' - loves going swimming - uses a straw - walks to her changing table when you ask her if she needs a diaper change - trys to put on her shoes and clothes - finally eats like a normal kid, and isn't SO picky anymore - likes to sit a the computer and move the mouse or type on the keyboard - still gives lots of kisses - started giving hugs - waves bye-bye and hello - still sleeps through the night - takes one long nap a day - just cut two molars - has definitely added a few inches in her height - cries for us when we leave her with the sitter - likes to build with her MegaBlocks - still gives you those awnry looks - is very independent - and will spend 10 whole days away from her parents a week from today! She cracks us up on a daily basis and challenges every last nerve within us. Sydney continues to be the highlight of our morning and the exhaustion of our day...but we wouldn't trade any of it!

Breakfast in Bed

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