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Friday, July 24, 2009

Hanging with Laila

Tonight Laila came over and hung out. These two seriously are going to be trouble!
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vacation PICS...

Just some of my favorites from this past trip...

& BEARS, Oh my!

In the 20+ years that I have been visiting Big Sky Country and Yellowstone National Park I have never seen a Bear. Plenty of Moose, Elk, Bison and Deer, but NEVER a bear! Well, as Matt and I were leaving Saturday morning, we saw FOUR of them in a matter of an Hour.

This first one was a Mother with a cub, kind of looked like a Grizzly.

This second one was her cub...he looked more like a Black she may not have been Grizzly afterall.

The Third one definitely looked like a Grizzly...

Call me crazy...but pretty sure the last one is a Black Bear!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This arrived while we were on vacation...we actually got to see it first thing from our friend Melissa in Denver. Syd made it into the caught on camera 14 if you get a chance check it out!
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Monday, July 20, 2009

14 Months...

Sydney celebrated her 14 month milestone taking in the Mountains of Montana at our Family Cabin just North of Yellowstone National Park. This was her first LONG road trip and boy what a little trooper we have on our hands. Upon our arrival to the cabin she immediately took to the place...every morning she would wake up, we'd bring her downstairs, and before you knew it she was out the door hanging out on the front porch. She would just sit on the steps and take in the view or play with the rocks, but never once did she try to take off. It was like she knew just how to enjoy it! I can't begin to tell you what a difference a month can make. This month Syd is babbling more than ever, making 'G' sounds. She said her first word 'Dog' while we were on vacation, and has started using Da'Da appropriately when pointing to Matt. We often find her attempting to read books...she sits and whispers to herself. There was never a dull moment while on vacation...she walked/ran everywhere dragging her blanket behind her, Giggles and laughs and some of the most appropriate times, shared all of her food with us, made lots of NEW friends whenever we cut her loose, tried to dress herself or put on her shoes, waves hi and be-bye, became quite the problem solver, and gave lots of hugs and kisses. She is getting taller by the minute and her hair longer by the second! This has been such a fun stage and we can't get enough of her right now!!!

Smile Max!!!

Big 'THANKYOU' to PJ and Melissa who put us up in their house while we passed through Denver last week! This is their oldest son MAX and one of the CUTEST kids we know!!! This is what Max does when you say CHEESE! Absolutely freaking adorable!!! Thought we might not make it on the road the next day after finishing off 2 LARGE bottles of Beringer White Zin the night before while catching time I promise we'll stick around a little longer!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back home...

After a much needed 10 day vacation to the Big Sky Country...we drove through the night and made it back home to KC around 4:30 this morning. I'll update the blog this week with more pics from the trip...including Syd's 14 Month Milestone, and all the wildlife we saw in Yellowstone this round (including 4 Bears!). The week went by way too fast, but we had a great time!!!

Seriously...its only been 6 years!

Today celebrates our 6 Year Anniversary. However...this coming November will mark 10 years together...and it is already so hard to believe that the time has flown by that fast. Needless to say the day somewhat slipped away with our 4:30 am return from Montana and the havoc of trying to piece some things back together before life in KC starts up again tomorrow morning. So even though we haven't 'celebrated' this milestone per say...I get to celebrate my life with Matt everyday. He still never seizes to amaze me, and even though we continue to grate on each other's every last nerve (cause that's what you do when you are married!), there is a non-spoken balance between us that continues to make this thing work! This past year together has been a wonderful adjustment with the addition of the 'GREATEST' kid in the world (we can say that since she is ours)! We continue to grow together and will always Four-Wheel our way through the ups and downs of this journey we committed ourselves to. I can't imagine taking this ride with anyone else...and for the shear fact that you chose to do it with me, I LOVE YOU.