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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Me Birthday Party

We met up with some family & friends at the Dark Horse last night in Westport for Power Hour and then headed to Harpo's for a bit before retiring to Tim's house. Had a great time and couldn't have celebrated it with a better group! Thanks guys!!!

Got a Little Captain in you??

Look who came to my Birthday Party last night! Actually he was just handing out free promotional items at Harpos, but I'm claiming he was there just for me! And the free drinks weren't bad either!


After Dinner at LaBodega last night Matt and I killed some time and walked around Crown Center where they had this Lego Exhibit.

Friday, June 19, 2009

209th Post on turning 29 in 2009...

So there seem to be ALOT of 9's this year on my is my 209th Post, and I turn 29 on the 19th of June 2009. Almost as many as when I turned 19 in 1999, but I don't know if I will ever have this many again and I just thought it was an interesting coincidence.

An unexpected card from my Mom & Dad this morning truly summed up something for me today as I celebrate my 29th Birthday and I thought I would share it with you. If any of you know me and the busy schedule I somehow manage to keep you'll understand why I took this to heart...and that even though I consume myself with certain things, I am always reminded to stop and smell the roses every chance I do get...or the orchids like Matt gave me today:

Today in the midst of your BUSY life,
May you have at least ONE moment
To Sit back and RELAX --

when you don't have to do anything
or be anywhere in particular...

May you have a moment to REFLECT
on the past year and all that you've
accomplished and to look FORWARD
to all that may be waiting
for you in the year ahead...

But mostly in that moment,
may you realize here and now
what a GIFT your life is --
not just to you, but to everyone
who knows you...

HERE IS MY MOMENT : As I reflect on this past year I am grateful and extremely thankful for so many things around me. I think we all take life for granted (especially me when I get too busy) and unfortunately wrap ourselves up in the little things that most of the time feel so insignificant later. I have realized more than anything that without the love, frustration, and support of the people I have surrounded myself with in my life, I would not have had even a fraction of the experiences, challenges, and adventures to share or the advice & wisdom to give. As I watch Sydney grow, continue to build a stronger relationship with Matt, and surround myself with friends and family I am always reminded of how lucky I am just to be me. To have such wonderful opportunities, chances to give back, and to always remind myself to live and love life to its fullest, even when you find yourself at odds with things! Because it can be cut short, and it flys by in the blink of an eye!

Thank you for all the heart-felt Birthday wishes today, and for continuing to be a part of my life! CARPE DIEM...

Who do you share your B-Day with...

So in my curiosity I wanted to see what famous people I share a Birthday with today besides our friends Kristene and are just a few I found.
Lou Gehrig

Phylicia Rashad - Cosby was a favorite in our house...

Who doesn't love a little 'Jewel of the Nile' but Kathleen Turner is no jewel anymore...
Moe from the Three Stooges

Paula freaking Abdul which was news to me...check out the ridiculous picture of her on her website :

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


After a long day with her cousin and hanging out in the blowup pool soaking up some sun with Mom she was wiped...

Samantha the Babysitter!!!

Our oldest Niece Samantha is now babysitting and to help her keep her business rolling, we are using her from time to time when our schedules conflict. If anyone is looking for a responsible young lady to watch their kiddos from time to time...she is one to do it! Give us a shout and we'll pass her info on to you!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

13 Months

13 Months!!

Sydney is ALL over the place now...she finally figured out shortly after her birthday that her feet do work, and they work well. Now she does nothing but speed walk around the house and everywhere else we go! She shakes her head up and down for 'yes' and 'no', knows now to 'sit on her bottom' when she wants to stand up in her highchair, grocery cart or the bathtub! Her favorite snack is Veggie Straws and she is a blanket & stuffed animal snuggler! She still refuses to use her own sippy cup, but loves to try out her friends. Syd will give you five, has taught herself to get down the steps after she has gone up, and stills makes us melt when she laughs it up or gives us kisses! Her furry friend Cody loves to hang out with her in the mornings before retreating to the backyard. She is quite the awnry little girl often shooting us silly glances before she trys to climb or get into something she shouldn't. Syd just cut two more teeth and has a nice scar next to her left eye from falling and bumping her head with those early wobbly feet! She still finds new discoveries every day and we continue to have fun chasing her and keeping her out of trouble!!!

Cheese Puff Factory...

We were introduced to the CHEESE PUFF BALLS this weekend...and that girl just didn't want to stop once she got started!!! Note to self...remove all clothing and hold child at a great distance if you don't want everything you are wearing to be covered in slimy orange goo when you are done!!!

Happy 1st B-Day Will

Today is Will's 1st Birthday!

Yesterday we celebrated with the entire family...Syd enjoyed dipping her feet in the pool!