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Friday, May 29, 2009

Going Shopping!!

No more BEERS for the Katester...

At least for the next 9 months!!! Super excited to share that Kelly will no longer just be a Pseudo Aunt to Sydney, she gets to welcome to earth her own little niece or nephew come January! That kid is about to be spoiled ROTTEN!! Congrats!

It's been a BUSY week!!!

On last Wednesday afternoon Sydney and I met up with Jamie & Grant at Antioch Park and took some pics of Grant. These were a few of my favorites!!!

Last Thursday night Matt and I went down to GORDON BIERSCH for dinner and then to the new AMC MAINSTREET to see Angels & Demons. That theatre is ridiculously nice. I had to share the picture of the individual bathrooms complete with sink and hand dryer! Once you purchase your ticket you get to pick out your seats from whatever hasn't been taken, that's right reserved seating, nice big leather seats that rumble to the sound effects - pretty insane, guess that is why tickets are back up to $10 a piece, but it was a fun experience.

This past Sunday was Matt's 32nd Birthday! Unfortunately he worked a 72 Hour shift last weekend and was there from Friday - Syd and I went up to see him at the station to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Now before you call SRS on us, the bottle was completely empty except for the veggie straw that she had just figured out she could put inside it...this was actually an attempt to get it back out!

Sunday evening Sydney, Kelly, her parents, Marlo & Neva met up at Celebration @ The Station down at Union Station under the Memorial. If you have never been to this, I HIGHLY reccommend it! The Symphony puts on a wonderful show and its FREE! The fireworks didn't even phase Syd, she just kept trying to grab at them!

We spent Memorial Day morning at Shawnee Mission Park with the dogs taking the new Deuter Kid Carrier for a spin! We wanted to have something before we head up to the Cabin this summer and this will be great for hiking!

Afterwards we met up with Courtney, Spence & Georgia at SPIN, a Pizza joint off 119th behind the Cheesecake Factory and then hit Johnny's a few doors away and washed our lunch down with a couple pitchers of cold beer! That's right we had out babies in a bar...won't be the last time either!

On Tuesday Matt put the Bike Seat on that we got free from our friend Jen @ Sister Sue Designs (THANKYOU!!) and tested it out with Sydney for the first time! We've been waiting until she got a bit bigger because we couldn't find any helmets that fit yet! Last night the 3 of us went for a ride around the neighborhood...I see many more of those in our future.