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Friday, January 16, 2009

8 Months Old

Yeah, it's that time again...time to recap the last 8 months. Although when you have kids, you are recapping things everyday. Like, the first time they did this, or when they did that. No one ever tells you how fast things start happening. I mean, they tell you that time will fly by, but you don't really believe them. Because if you had told me 8 Months ago while I sat in that Hospital Room holding Sydney for the first time that she would be pulling herself up on everything imaginable, attempting to climb stairs, laughing at the slightest things that amuse her, scarfing down yogurt and just making my heart melt everytime she flashed that smile or babbled...I would have told you to forget it. I would have said, yeah right, she is never going to be any bigger than she is right now. But oh she is...and she is so much fun! Matt and I could sit and watch her talk to herself or play with her toys for hours! She is an unbelievable little piece of joy in what can be a very interesting world...and for that I am forever grateful. Happy 8 Months Syd! You have so many wonderful things ahead of you that you don't even realize yet...and we can't wait to be around to see you accomplish it!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Travel Jars

Here are a few of my favorite Travel Memory Jars that I have created over the years from different trips that we have taken. Each one contains something special from the journey...usually shells, rocks or sand and than a few things from additional places that we went like ticket stubs, invitations, park passes, etc. I have been very fortunate to have all of these travel opportunities and I love that I will be able to share this unique craft with my kids!

Dr. Says...

So...I was able to get in to see our Pediatrician today regarding Sydney's cold. It sounded like it had moved into her chest over the weekend, and I didn't want to take any risks with pneumonia this year. Glad we went...but it turns out, it was just an ear infection! Seems that was causing the drainage and all the lovely mucus that we just couldn't wipe off her face enough this week. Glad to hear it though...(no pun intended) because it was better to know now, than while we were in Hawaii trying to enjoy the beach with a screaming 9 month old!!! As you can see below, it hasn't really phased her and she's doing just great. We'll get to work with her soon on talking with her mouth full and not smacking her lips!