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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

17 Months

Well in the whirlwind of our crazy lives, this little one snook by us and turned 17 months old yesterday! Sydney is crackin us up more and more each day. She is quite a sponge and it is so much fun watching her imitate almost everything we do. When we put our shoes on, she wants to put her shoes on, and when I blow my nose, she immediately is persistent in wanting her own kleenex to blow her nose too. We practice pointing to all the features on her face; she knows where her nose, ears, eyes, hair and tongue are. She will wiggle her fingers and toes when you ask her where they are and she likes to show you where her belly is. Her laugh is contagious and she is learning the sounds that animals make. Our favorite right now is the monkey, but she is catchin on quick to others like the cow, and dog. Today we taught her how old she was, and when you ask, she puts up her finger and thumb together like a gun, but she's getting the hang of it! Sydney loves to brush her teeth, read books, still pulls her hair clips/bands out whenever we are not looking, and loves to go exploring in the front yard. We seem to have a love for sticks and rocks...I am sure we have an outdoorsy one in the family. She continues to sleep through the night along with her entire stuffed animal/doll and blanket collection. Sometimes we can't find her when we go in to wake her up! Keep an eye out for her upcoming Halloween Costume, we think you'll like it!