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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Seriously...its only been 6 years!

Today celebrates our 6 Year Anniversary. However...this coming November will mark 10 years together...and it is already so hard to believe that the time has flown by that fast. Needless to say the day somewhat slipped away with our 4:30 am return from Montana and the havoc of trying to piece some things back together before life in KC starts up again tomorrow morning. So even though we haven't 'celebrated' this milestone per say...I get to celebrate my life with Matt everyday. He still never seizes to amaze me, and even though we continue to grate on each other's every last nerve (cause that's what you do when you are married!), there is a non-spoken balance between us that continues to make this thing work! This past year together has been a wonderful adjustment with the addition of the 'GREATEST' kid in the world (we can say that since she is ours)! We continue to grow together and will always Four-Wheel our way through the ups and downs of this journey we committed ourselves to. I can't imagine taking this ride with anyone else...and for the shear fact that you chose to do it with me, I LOVE YOU.


Jill said...

Happy anniversary! You guys have it figured out. Here's to many more happy years.