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Sunday, June 14, 2009

13 Months

13 Months!!

Sydney is ALL over the place now...she finally figured out shortly after her birthday that her feet do work, and they work well. Now she does nothing but speed walk around the house and everywhere else we go! She shakes her head up and down for 'yes' and 'no', knows now to 'sit on her bottom' when she wants to stand up in her highchair, grocery cart or the bathtub! Her favorite snack is Veggie Straws and she is a blanket & stuffed animal snuggler! She still refuses to use her own sippy cup, but loves to try out her friends. Syd will give you five, has taught herself to get down the steps after she has gone up, and stills makes us melt when she laughs it up or gives us kisses! Her furry friend Cody loves to hang out with her in the mornings before retreating to the backyard. She is quite the awnry little girl often shooting us silly glances before she trys to climb or get into something she shouldn't. Syd just cut two more teeth and has a nice scar next to her left eye from falling and bumping her head with those early wobbly feet! She still finds new discoveries every day and we continue to have fun chasing her and keeping her out of trouble!!!


Kelly said...

Ok, Syd is officially TOO ADORABLE!! Love her! Love all the pictures. You guys should have many many children because you sure make beautiful ones. I can't believe that 13 months have passed since she was born. Amazing how time flies!