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Saturday, May 16, 2009

All you can eat CRABLEGS!!!

My friend Kelly & I went to SCOREBOARDS off 95th Street tonight with Sydney to endulge in the all you can eat Crableg Saturday night special. We placed our order, sipped on our beers, and was half way through our incredible blue cheese salads when out of no where Sydney decided to lose her breakfast, lunch, and dinner ALL over herself and her mother! When it was all said and done all you can do is stay calm and try not to laugh at the whole thing while you are standing there with a half naked infant and cottage cheese looking up-chuck all over your pants and shirt! Bound to happen sooner or later huh! In the end, we gave up on the crablegs (they were nice enough to stop our order without charging us) and we picked up TGIFridays to go and came back to the house. Not sure what upset the little bugger, she went right to bed after a well needed bath...hopefully tomorrow she'll feel better. And I promise we'll get back to Scorboards one of these Saturdays and actually get to enjoy it this time.


The Berndts said...

Where's the pic's of the puke?

Ang and Matt said...

I know you would have much rather seen the actual incident so you could laugh even harder when you come in town next, but unfortunately I had left the camera at home and had to settle for a measly google stock photo of crab legs!