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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Keep him in your thoughts tomorrow...

Matt's Dad went in for his standard stress test last week and the Doctors told him he would need yet another angiogram because his levels were off. He was scheduled for it yesterday, but after waiting with an IV drip for over 3 hours, the Doctor rescheduled it for this morning. Once inside the Doctors realized that he had a 95% Blockage in his heart! It is seriously a miracle that he hadn't had a heart attack...and this is a man who run on a daily basis and is extremely active. They informed him that Angioplasty (this would have been his 4th) was no longer an option, he was admitted so they could monitor him and Bypass surgery was the only thing they could do. So, please keep Rick and our family in your thoughts tomorrow during his surgery. We will update everyone as this progresses.