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Friday, February 6, 2009

Maui Bound

So we are leaving tomorrow for Maui - I know, I know, don't all cuss at me at once! My younger brother Travis is as some people would put it "FINALLY" marrying his long time girlfriend Hollie - who I already consider a Sister and give her lots of credit for putting up with him & this family for the last 5+ years. We can't wait to share this moment with them.

This will be Sydney's first vacation, not to mention first airplane ride as well as many other firsts...unfortunately she won't remember any of it. But I promise to take lots of fun pics to share upon our return...or while I am there if I have the tools to make it work!

I would say that I am READY to get the heck out of here...however, ironically KC has had balmy 60-70 degree weather the last two days. That is usually our luck, we leave for a warm tropical vacation in the middle of the winter and it turns out it is nice the entire time we are gone and then it will return to the 'bitter' cold midwest just before we come back!!!

But I still won't complain...we'll be in Maui for a week!!!


PJ and Melissa said...

Sounds rough! I hope you have fun!