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Saturday, February 21, 2009

9 Months

Nine Months huh...which this lucky little duck got to celebrate in Maui of all places! This past month has been one of the most fun...she laughs often and flashes that cheesy little fake smile every chance she gets. Her teeth are coming in, she stands up all over and has started balancing without the help of anyone or anything for a few seconds at a time which she thinks is pretty cool. She scales the stairs way too fast without hardly looking back, and will bounce to music. Her favorite thing is to hold your hands and walk around...she practically runs and we know she'll be doing it on her own sooner than we think. She is trying all sorts of table food and we are starting to wean her from her bottle...although she doesn't like the sippy cups as much as we'd like, we know it probably won't take long before they end up in storage too! She talks all the time - specifically Mmma'mmma, Daaaa'Daaa (still hasn't put it together with who we are) and she often saya 'yeah' in a way that makes you think she just agreed with you. I am still so amazed at how quickly she picks up on things. She is so much smarter than you think at just 9 months. I love every minute I get to watch her discover something new. Her personality is already shining through and it is so funny sometimes to watch her take it all in. My personal favorite is the plethera of looks she gives other people and you know in her head most of the time she must be thinking, "What an idiot! or What the heck is wrong with that crazy!" On top of all of it, it really hit home the other day when I realized that her 1st Birthday is now only 12 weeks away! Talk about time flying by...


Melissa said...

You do such an awesome job of blogging!