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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh heavens...

So I was moving some laundry just a little while ago and when I walked past Sydney's room and glanced in to see if she was peering at me through her wooden jail cell, I found that she was actually standing up staring at me from her crib with the BIGGEST grin on her face like she was saying "Merry Christmas Mom & Dad, now you have to put my crib rail all the way up!" Then she fell over and started the process again! I ran for the camera, then called Matt...Happy New Year...walking may be in our future sooner than we thought.

Cookies & Gingerbread houses

This past Sunday we visited Matt's Grandma Lora for an afternoon of Cookie Baking and Gingerbread house making...the one in the middle was constructed by Matt and decorated by yours truly. Needless to say we made Grandma's Day.