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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Scooty McScooterson

Need I say more...we're in for it!

If you give a kid a Moose...

Well at least our kid...this is what she'll do to it!
Watch out for that strange look in her eye...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Parkville Steal...

Some of my girlfriends and I took a little day trip this weekend to Parkville to catch up and get into the Holiday spirit. My steal of the weekend was this adorable blue vintage chair for Sydney that was only $5.00! We had a great time battling the wind and the snowflakes...yes it officially snowed here this weekend...not enough to really say it snowed, but those were flakes, and I am counting it. Today however was warm and sunny! Gotta love Kansas City weather. Everyone in Parkville kept commenting on "all the babies" - yes, 2008 was a mini baby boom around here...from left to right we have Kelly, Marlo & Neva, Myself & Syd, Jamie & Elaina, Jamie & Grant, and Wendy! Thanks for a great day out ladies...we look forward to the next one.