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Friday, November 7, 2008

The Highchair...

So Matt set up the High Chair yesterday and Sydney experienced it for the first time today. She looks so small when she sits in it...almost like it is eating her instead...but anyway...she has finally mastered the art of eating her cereal and we are on to many delightful treats like Green Beans - Sweet Potatoes - Mixed Berry - name a Gerber Fruit or Veggie and it is well on its way of becoming part of her new tastebud palette!! It is only a matter of time that the food will be all over the floor, in her hair, down her diaper and so on...oh what a fun game we have to look forward too! Hard to believe this kiddo turns 6 MONTHS old next week!

Laila & Sydney Part Deux

Laila came over yesterday and spent the afternoon with Sydney...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Sit Sydney, now stay!"

Sydney and I practiced sitting up yesterday with no assistance...and I have to say she only face-planted into the grass a few times.

"Sit stay. Good Girl"

Fall won't be here much longer...

I snapped a few photos of the trees yesterday while walking home from voting. October came and went...and the leaves are falling just as quickly. Hard to believe that Turkey Day is only a few weeks away...and good grief...then Christmas! Where does the year go!

Last Nights Lucky Charm...

Now I know that it wasn't my necklace that got Barack into office...however, it makes for a great lucky charm and something I'll be wearing for a long time! We have never been so excited, yet nervous and just elated about an election. Watching Kerry lose to Bush 4 years ago was painful enough...but in the bigger scheme of things, we wouldn't have been SO ready for change if W hadn't jacked things up so badly! Matt & I are so grateful that not only in our lifetime, but also in the year of Sydney's birth the first African American was voted in as the President of the United States. FINALLY we may just get past some of these racial barriers that have segregated this nation for so long. Black, White, Orange, Pink, Purple or Blue...should never matter if you are the right person for the job...and I do believe that we found him. Obama has been an inspiration to this country and I can't wait to see what history he continues to make...thanks to all who Baracked the Vote! This is CHANGE we can believe in!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mama for Obama!!!

I hope that everyone got out and voted today...the weather in KC is absolutely fabulous and Matt, Sydney and I walked up to the Matt Ross Community Center just after lunch and casted our votes for Barack! Tonight we are going to grab a few drinks at Lucky Brewgrille with some friends and watch as the votes come in...I will be on the edge of my seat until the final word!


You have to Vote...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Cedar Rapids...

Matt & I took Sydney on her first Road Trip to Mt. Vernon, Iowa this weekend along with Emily, Chad, the Jakester and Aunt Shirl to visit our friends Steve & Jill! Unfortunately for us, but great for their families they moved back to their home state of Iowa...but as long as they don't mind putting up with us and our baggage (kids, strollers, highchairs, pack n name it we probably took it!) we are more than willing to make the trip to spend some time with them! Jill turned the big 29 on Sunday and we celebrated all (literally, cause those cakes aren't small) weekend with a delicious Costco Cake, 4 lbs of bacon cooked on the grill (hey there were 7 of us, don't judge!) Tater Tot Casserole, Taco Pizza and Biscuits and Gravy! Yeah we all went back on diets this morning!