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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Saving Amy Tyler

I just saw this story tonight on the News and I can't imagine what it would be like to have cancer at my if you don't have anything to do on the 25th of might consider heading out to J. Murphy's in support of Amy Tyler and her battle with Breast Cancer.


A fun for all ages benefit supporting Amy Tyler

Saturday October 25, 2008

J.Murphy’s Pub and Grille

22730 Midland Drive

Shawnee, KS

3:00 pm - 8:00 pm

(Come and go as you wish)

Live music by

The Mikey

Needleman Band

Silent Auction

All proceeds will go directly to Amy to help with the costs associated with battling breast cancer.

Amy's Story

When many of us think of breast cancer, we think of middle aged or elderly women, however, the horrible reality is that breast cancer knows no age. Amy Tyler is a beloved 28-year-old wife to Kyle, mother to one-year-old Harrison, and wonderfulfriend to many. Amy was recently diagnosed with stage ll ductal carcinoma. This is the most aggressive form of non-hormonal induced breast cancer. Five months ago, Amy was nursing her son when she found the tumor. At first, the doctors thought she just had a clogged milk duct. That would have been the most likely cause of a lump on a breastfeeding woman of her age. However, Amy’s lump did not go away like she had hoped, but instead, grew larger. Amy, her family, and friends were all devastated upon receiving the diagnosis of breast cancer. Amy is a fighter though, and with her family and friends behind her she took her stand against cancer. Amy’s cancer had only spread to one lymph node and after having a radical mastectomy; she is now fighting her cancer with chemotherapy. As you can imagine, this has been an extremely difficult and emotional time for Amy and her family. Amy is a very strong person, and with the support of family, friends, and the community Amy will win this battle. She wants nothing more that to continue to be a loving wife and caring mother to her son. Due to this unexpected and life changing situation, a benefit is being organized by her family, friends, and sorority sisters. Operation: Saving Amy will be held on October 25, 2008, to assist her and her family during this time of need. All money raised will go directly to the Tyler’s to help pay for Amy’s medical bills and treatment expenses. We are asking the community to help Amy fight her battle with cancer, a battle that is becoming all too much of a reality to so many of us today. If you have children, think of how much you would not want them to grow up without a mother. Think of your spouse or significant other and know how Kyle would feel without Amy. Think of your own mother and how you would hate to lose her or for her to lose you. With each person that stands up to cancer a life is saved. Help save Amy’s life. Your consideration of this request to help Amy is greatly appreciated. Any support that you can offer to Amy and her family is welcome. Thank you for your generosity and caring spirit.

If you would like to donate to the cause please send check or money orders to the address below. All help would really benefit this family in their time of need.

Operation Saving Amy

C/O Staci Burson

7727 Rosehill Road

Lenexa, KS 66216

Mardi Bras...

Click on the image to enlarge for more details...but from what I hear this is going to be a pretty cool event. I figure its Happy Hour for a good cause!! And all the Bras that are donated will be stretched across P&L and then donated to a Woman's Shelter.

Happy Birthday...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Recent Sydey Pics

The OZ Winery...

My friend Kelly and I took a brief roadtrip this past weekend to see her sister Katie in Oberlin, Kansas.

Yeah, same thing popped into my head...where the heck is Oberlin??

Oberlin sits Northeast of I70 from Colby, KS - and only a mile from the Nebraska border. The next closet town is McCook, NE where Katie happens to work and where we spent most of the weekend.

This literally is the closest I have ever been to the Colorado border and not crossed the state line...oh to see the mountains again. We honestly didn't see much of literally is a town that you might miss if you blink...but we had a great time catching up and just chilling. It was honestly a nice reprieve from everything that has been keeping me busy lately.

So...for those of you who are familiar with K-State, you have probably seen the signs for Wamego, KS when en-route to Manhattan. Well, Kelly and I saw this GIANT sign for the OZ Winery and couldn't pass up the opportunity to make the stop. Sure enough in downtown Wamego sits this quaint little shop and its sister store the Emerald City Market where we found some fun little treats and Glindas Chocolate Coffee. To check out more of this little jewel visit their website @